…did the egg or the chicken come first?

sadly this blog is a little bit late because i have been so busy this week i totally forgot about it, but hoenstlyy i am not to pleased with this blog because i was not happy about violatingg that chickenn…. i felt badd. even though i eat chicken it was like ehh, i felt i was disturbing it.  i really didnt eat any of the helpings that we madee.. not saying any of them were horrible just that it did not appetize me. plus the fact thatt just seeing the chicken lie there was akwardd, like this was once a chicken with feathers and all nicee..laying eggs doing its thing, now its sittin in front of me dead, not doing a thing..yes i know its a way of living but, sometimes what we do just to make a meal is kinda crazyyy.

God was not on my side this time.

yeahh, as well know. I cutt my thumb pretty bad, it looks nasty haha. Told god please help me pass my exam, next secondd .. cut my thumbbbbb 🙂 loveeee lifeeeeee. hahaa its a bit but, things happen. other than that it was good class. made onion rings. next time we should do fried oreos,twinkies, even apples, or bananas, the bananas are sooo good. you would enjoy themmmmmm :). i did when they had them for family day they were reallly good. but, anyway…class wasnt bad . need to make up my exam but, got to wait til this little finger heals because i dont want anotherr accident like thiss. 🙁

STARCHES withoutt Potatoo0o?? :O

well onions are not really my cup of tea, but i dealt with it.. i do not understand why i do not like onions at all. i can eat salsa, onion rings, all that. but i smelt like a huge onion when walking out of this lab haha it was not my cup of tea. making my own homemade pasta was not to bad it was pretty interestingg. i knew how to make my own pasta, but never saw a pasta cutter. pretty cool machine. saucess, are not really my thing.haha againn im more into baking but learning all this will definately come in handy one day in the future.


dropppppppped an eggg. (:  .. i dont think i was meant to flip eggs, just sayin.  the egg part was not really my favorite part. im not to much of a big fan of eggs but it was neat still making a french omelette. anything baking wise i lovee, the pancakes & waffles were my fav. the eggs benedict weren’t the greatest things alive, they were not my cup of tea. but, other than that the breakfast was over all enjoyablee. i liked itt haha i guess you could say i am not too big of a breakfast eater but, breakfastt does have some delicious dishess 🙂


Welll yesterdayyyy I do not thinkk I’ve dealt with that many potatoes in one day. Haha, but it was veryy appetizing and interesting. I always use to watch my family members or even good friends do certain recipes with potatoes. But now i can finally show them a thing or too. It was veryy exciting and enjoyable. Haha, I really liked it. I am pretty excitedd for breakfast nextt week :).

First Lab

Well I had my first lab and it was alright. Never really knew that there were so many different ways to cut up a vegetable. All in all it was pretty interesting to me. To me it was kind of boring also because it was just cutting up vegetables ha I guess I was thinking that we would be doing somethign a litlte bit more but in time I guess we will be. But then again food is not really my cup of tea; I am more into the baking and pastry industry but who knows that all might change.

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